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  • Bondi - Media Software License

    Bondi – Media Software License

    The Ai Bondi is a standard level media software license.  
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  • KR402 sound system k-array

    KR402 Mark I – Ultra-light, Powered, Stereo System

    KR402 features a pair of KMT21 21” subs each with 2 channels of 2,000 Watts matched to two KP102 with 3.15" Neodymium speaker elements.
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  • SL Bar 640 - Dual Axis Linear Luminaire

    SL Bar 640 – Dual Axis Linear Luminaire

    The SL BAR 640 is a powerful LED linear fixture offering unprecedented output and exceptional color clarity.
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  • Canto 2000- Follow Spot LDR

    Canto 2000- Follow Spot

    The Canto 2000 is a new-concept, efficient, lightweight and extremely powerful follow spot, ideal for all long-throw applications.
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  • CPX 4120 OP LED Par cyclops lighting

    CPX 4120 – Outdoor Wash Light

    The CPX 4120 is an extremely bright LED-based outdoor wash light powerful enough to illuminate large architectural facades or canvas, stages & landscapes.
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  • CL 350 SBW- Hybrid Moving Head

    CL 350 SBW- Hybrid Moving Head

    The CL 350 SBW is a hybrid beam/spot/wash 3 in 1 model with super-short-arc lamp for the best brightness.
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  • F-7 SMAZE antari

    F-7- Fog & Faze Hybrid

    Designed for large venue, the F-7 Smaze machine produces strong powerful fog or thin layer of haze to fill up the venue in mins.
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  • SPX Ellipsoidal - Profile Philips Selecon

    SPX Zoomspot 800W Profile

    SPX Philips Selecon is outstanding in its class with many new and innovative features while still retaining the intuitive controls.
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